Who is Luke A Crawford?

A random FAQs page, I hope you'll enjoy.

How tall are you?

I'm not sure I understand why you'd want to know that, but I'm about 6' 1"!

What education do you have? 

In the hot summer of 2011, I moved to the Windy City in pursuit of my Bachelors degree. After my first year, I decided to double major with honors in Arts Management & Marketing. I'll be finishing come May, 2015

What's the "A" in Luke A Crawford mean? 

I am a twin and before I had a name, I was labeled "Baby A" and so my middle name is Andrew and my brand includes this lifelong identifier.

Do you drink coffee or tea?

I am a true coffee addict. My obsession with the little bitter bean stems from my curiosity to understand the millions who drink it. During my first year of college, I wrote an ethnography studying how people interacted in Chicago coffee shops. That year, I drank enough joe to drown the desert. *twitch*

Where are you from?

I grew up on a farm in a small town in Iowa. On my 19th birthday, I moved to the Windy City and am hoping to take this nation - this world - by storm! You're welcome to come along for the ride.

What gives Luke his drive? 

Well, I believe every moment is an experience, experiences expose people to new things, exposure shifts biases, biases shape perspectives, perspectives modify opinions, and opinions define character. I want to coordinate and facilitate an atmosphere primed for the growth and development of human character and truly make my mark on the world. I can assure you that I will work until I'm able to make a meaningful impact. I think it's just how I was raised.